CONfusion leads to CONartist exploiting the public opinion And we end up with CONTs in the government!

CONT stands for CONservative Toffs

who sell the public assets at bargain prices to balance books today with the cost of the future and this how the rich get richer and poor get poorer.

So it is time...

Explore the conservative CON in this interactive game to debunk the myths that the CONTs will try to flank you with and slap the truth out of them!

Conservative Cons:

1. Trickle down economics. This is the idea that giving the rich tax cuts or exemption in that they they use their wealth to generate jobs and pay for services and which then lead to the everyone being better of as the wealth they are given ’trickles’ down the economic pyramid of champaign classes like 'a liquid poured from the top’

Wrong! Whoever you give the benefit of tax cuts will use their wealth in the way that it returns to the econony all the same regardless of their their economic position. Giving the preference to the rich will just favour them in the distributive scales and result in more inequality. Usually associated with Reagan. (get extra points by hitting him in the head)

2. Privatisation. The idea that selling important government assets to private hands will be be better for the public. This results in short term windfall that the makes the government look good as it will have money to spend in the short term, but these is always at the cost of the future. Recently the current government privased the East Cost train line which was making over £200 million profit to the taxpayer You can read about it here

3. Deregulation. Blind faith to free market regulate itself. Free market without regulations end up with all the wealth in the hands of few and a monopoly position in the market field.

4. Quantative easing. Flooding the money supply by printing more money to pay for old bills is only a good idea if you own hard assets as this generates inflation. As wage earners are on the lowest rung to negoatiate a price for your services this is definity on the top list of Conservative Cons.

5. Conservatives are the working people’s party. Hellll no! they are all about the rich folk and somehow manage to shift the blame of blundering the economy on the immigrants, benefit claimants and pretty much everyone else except themselves.

6. ‘We are in it together’ Austerity is for everyone. No, not true. the wealthy and ruling never cut from themselves. They just find a way to collect their 'savings' for the budget from those who have the least start with.

7. We rely on the bankers for economy to be strong.

8. Immigration hurts the working man.

9. Allowing people to buy their council housing to get on the housing ladder. Good, but not building new council housing is selfish policy at that artificially inflates the house prices. Margaret Thather's goverment eradicated local authority housebuilding schemes, and the private sector failed to supply as many new homes as needed. Why? Because shortage inflates prices and therefore makes more profits for the privatised industry. This is great example of failure of privatising an industry. BBC Source this is only possible btw if you already had a council house so they are selling off public good rather than investing